Five costly mistakes made by home sellers in South Florida and what you can do to avoid them

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It is not easy to sell a house. It is often complicated and more time-consuming if there are any errors.
Home sellers make these most costly mistakes in terms of time and final sales price. Most time, it’s just a matter of getting the right buyer to the door when you do things correctly.
Home sellers make five costly mistakes in South Florida, and you need to learn how to avoid them.

1. Pricing Too High

Pricing too high is one of home sellers’ most significant – and most expensive – mistakes.
While you may want to make the best deal for your home, it is vital to consider the market value and what your home is worth.

What comparable homes have sold for in your area is the most crucial factor determining how much you should price your house.
Location, market strength, local market demand, and the home’s condition are secondary factors.
However, even these are less important than “comps,” the comparative market analysis. The problem is that sellers can lose sight of the fact that practicality and judgment are not always right.

A home priced correctly in relation to its market comps will sell. This will increase your chances of getting legitimate offers and a sale at your asking price.
A local expert can conduct a comparative market analysis on your property to determine the market value of your home and help you to price accordingly.
Contact a South Florida representative at 954-278-9353 to learn more.

2. Not Paying for the Repairs that are Needed

Neglecting to make necessary repairs is another costly mistake that home sellers make. This may be due to a lack of time or simply an oversight.
No matter the reason, failure to make repairs can cause your home to languish on the marketplace and result in a lower selling price.

These repairs do not have to be significant like a kitchen remodel. They will indicate that the current owners have not taken care of it properly and may have other issues.
Even minor problems, such as a cracked ceiling or unfinished cabinets, can harm your chances of selling the property.
These fixes can be costly, but sellers will pay more in time and ultimately sell.

3. Failure to Declutter and Depersonalize

These things are not necessary to you but can be significant to potential buyers. To avoid costly mistakes when selling your home, make sure you take the time to clean out and depersonalize it.

Clutter, just like personal items, can hinder a potential buyer’s ability to see a property with an open heart.
Not only does clutter make your home feel smaller, but it also detracts away from its best assets. It keeps the house looking like it is past and not it’s future.
Once you have decided to list your house, you can start packing up the things you don’t use and moving them to storage.
The less stuff around your property, including closets, the better buyers will see the potential.

Depersonalizing is an essential part of decluttering. Buyers should be not only able to see the potential in your home but also be able to envision the home as their own.
Buyers should be able to envision living in the house with all their belongings. They can’t if your personality is all over the place.

Selling a home is not just about marketing and pricing.
One of the biggest – and most damaging – mistakes in home selling is failing to remove things that make buyers feel this is your house, not theirs.
It can feel strange to remove everything that makes the house feel like home. According to professionals in the industry, “depersonalization” is an important step that sellers often overlook because they still live in the house.

4. Selling at the Wrong Time

Sellers often overlook the best time to list their house and make costly mistakes. There is best time to sell your house.

Winter is a slow season for real estate, especially around holidays. People are too busy to participate in social events, so it is more attractive to stay at home.
It may take you longer to sell your house because there are fewer buyers. You may also not receive as much money.

It might be better to wait until spring/early summer to list your house. This is the best season to sell real estate. Due to the warm weather and the fact that schools are out, there will be more buyers.

There’s also the flip side. Winter is a great time for selling a house because there aren’t as many buyers. This means there won’t be as many sellers to choose from, which can work in your favor.

It all depends on the local market. Contact an South Florida agent to find the best time for your home to be listed at 954-278-9353.

5. Not Working With the Right Agent

Working with an inept agent is the worst of all the home-seller mistakes. Here are the reasons.

The real estate agent you choose can make or break the home-selling experience.
An agent who can help you navigate every step of optimizing your house for sale will not let you make the same mistakes as others.
If you work with an agent who isn’t as good at communicating or doesn’t value your sale, you are missing the opportunity to have a strong advocate for your interests.

Our South Florida experts can help you navigate the process and avoid costly mistakes. Contact us at 954-278-9353 if you are ready to sell your home and want to avoid costly mistakes.

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