What is your empty house in South Florida really costing you?

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You have just listed your house for sale and are already making a profit in your imagination. Have you ever considered the funds you might need before your house sells?
Or how much time the house could stay on the market. The cost of holding your empty house in South Florida while you list it can be very high.
The wait can be painful if you are in a rush to sell your property for financial or personal reasons. Spending money on preparations for showings, such as painting and decorating, marketing, and staging your home, may not be possible if you are already having trouble paying your bills.
The current online listings standard is hiring professionals for high-quality digital photography and drone footage.

There are many reasons why homes can stay on the market for so long.
The buyer may not have the financing, the house is too expensive, or the property doesn’t match the type of property they are looking for.
No matter why your house is still on the market, the shorter it stays listed, the lower the sale price.
Continue reading to find out how much empty house in South Florida really costs you.

Monthly Expenses

Your mortgage payments are not the only cost of your empty house in South Florida. You also have to pay utilities every month.
Your agent won’t appreciate it if they can’t turn on the lights at a showing. The one thing a real agent can’t give you is a closing date.
This could mean that your profits will be affected for many months.
You can stop the gradual leakage of funds for monthly utilities by selling directly to PalmtreeCashHomebuyers rather than listing. We offer guaranteed closing dates, often within weeks.

Insurance and Taxes

Insurance and ongoing taxes are just two of the many ways your empty house in South Florida can be costing you.
At closing, taxes will be prorated and taken from your account. You can find this amount by multiplying the annual bill. During the listing period, your homeowner’s policy must be maintained.
You will need to add PIP private Mortgage Insurance to your holding costs, depending on how much you owe on an existing mortgage.
A direct buyer from PalmtreeCashHomebuyers can also be an option. This will help you pay off your taxes and stop paying for insurance.


Your empty house in South Florida could be costing you much more than you realize. Listings are being scanned at lightning speed by buyers, so you must grab their attention with your marketing.
You won’t get many offers if you don’t have the funds to repair your home and the condition of the listing photos is poor. If this is the case, you will likely receive offers significantly lower than your home’s true market value.
It can be stressful to start repairs on a house, especially if the house is older. This can also lead to high costs. We are ready to purchase your house for cash as-is.
Direct buyers from PalmtreeCashHomebuyers will reduce the risk of repairs to your property, and you can keep more money in your pocket.

Keep it up Maintain

Another expense often overlooked is maintaining your empty house in South Florida. You might have to pay for travel costs if you make a long-distance relocation, whether it is for work or personal reasons.
You might also pay to have your property inspected for any signs of trouble and your landscaping maintained.

Add up all the holding costs, and you will see that it is smart to sell your house in South Florida to PalmtreeCashHomebuyers to make more profit.
Working with direct buyers like PalmtreeCashHomebuyers will save you even more. We don’t charge commissions, and you won’t have to pay closing costs.
Our transactions at PalmtreeCashHomebuyers have been transparent and straightforward. There are no hidden fees. We show all figures in our offer.
You’ll be able to agree that it is fair market value. We, the direct buyers at PalmtreeCashHomebuyers, won’t pressure you.
We are proud of our work helping our neighbors and community here in South Florida, so we want you to feel great about your deal long after it closes. Contact PalmtreeCashHomebuyers at 954-278-9353.

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