How to Determine If A Direct Sale of Your Hollywood Fl House is Right For You!

Exactly what you may not know, is that there are multiple methods to sell a Hollywood Florida home. While lots of people right away look for the help of an agent, there are other, more cost-effective ways to sell your home.

For instance, you might opt to carry the note yourself or offer the residential or commercial property, without the assistance of an agent, which is what we will cover in this our latest post!

As we said above, there are numerous ways to sell.


For some properties, a listing makes one of the most sense, whereas, for others, a direct sale is the smarter option. Which will it be for you? Don’t sign any contracts or consent to a sale until you learn more about how a direct sale can be profitable for your situation!


The Commission Factor

When you select a direct sale to a company such as, you will not need to fret about paying 6% of the price in commissions. There are countless dollars you will instantly conserve by selecting a direct sale. Also, there aren’t any agent fees, marketing expenses, listing fees or photographers to pay. When you deal with a direct cash home-buyer, the property is generally sold in as-is condition so that you can keep the cash for marketing in your pocket.


No Clean-Up Or Repairs

Your Hollywood Florida home will need you to make repairs to the home to get it all set for the MLS.  MLS buyers are notoriously very picky. Even little damages can severely lower your prospective purchaser’s viewed value of the house.

Making repair work and touch-ups to your house can build up cost quickly and lower your future profit from when the house is sold. You will also need to factor in the real cost to tidy up, keeping it tidy, some suggest putting most of the items in storage for the duration of the sales process. Start to reduce clutter family mementos and if you have the funds hire a professional who will stage your house.

While these expenses can be worth it in the long run, they ought to be well considered before listing your house.



Your Terms

When you deal with a business like ours to sell your home directly, the closing date will be up to you. We can acquire properties nearly instantly, so you will not need to hang out wondering if or when your house will be sold.

On the flip side, we will not hurry you into a closing. We understand that selling and moving can be a stressful time, hence why we aim to keep the procedure as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

If you decide to accept an offer from, you will then choose the date that best works for you. You will not need to worry about the sale falling through just like a traditional sale using bank funding. A direct cash home-buyer will have the funds offered to pay you instantly!


A Fast Sale Will Save You Money

Point blank, the longer you own your house, the more it costs you. As investors, we understand this, that is why the objective is to sell the home quickly! By offering your house to a direct cash home-buyer right away, you are possibly saving yourself months of lost time and cash.

You are likely paying more for your house than you even recognize. There are regular monthly utilities to consider, house owners insurance, real estate taxes that you are responsible for up until the day of closing in addition to routine maintenance costs.

If you are paying for things such as swimming pool service, bug control or landscaping, those expenses will instantly stop the moment you close with us.

A Direct Cash Home-Buyer Sale Offers Guarantees, While A Listing Does Not

There is a lot of unpredictability when it concerns buying and selling homes. Bank financed Sales fall through every day. Banks typically take longer than expected to loan the money for a mortgage. When you list, you are living in limbo till the closing papers have been signed.

An agent can list your house for any price you desire, even if itis overpriced just to get a sign on your property that will bring them more business not to necessarily sell your house.


The price the house that your house is listed at is NOT a Guarantee that you will sell your house at that price. in Hollywood Florida

With a direct sale, you will get both the precise date and amount your house will sell for. This will allow you to plan ahead without needing to worry about the unknown!

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