Selling A House During Probate

Probate is the process used to reassign the property to the beneficiaries of the decedent. When a passing occurs, we can’t take it with us, so we leave our property behind to our beneficiaries. When a person dies with without a will, their property has to go through the probate process.
Their property then has to go through the courts to be assigned to their beneficiaries. This can be an extensive an at times expensive process.

How Can I Sell My Inherited House While Its In Probate in Margate Florida?

There are established procedures and laws that guide the sale of a house in probate in Margate Fl. Palmtree Cash Home Buyers suggests probate house sellers go through the following steps. It is a good idea also that investors check these procedures when they choose to buy a property during the probate process in Margate Florida.

Get A Professional Appraisal

A Professional Appraisal will help the home seller to establish an estimated market value for the house that is to be sold. Appraisers are not hard to find simply do an internet search and check their state certifications online.

So, as real estate investors, we search for property in probate in Marget Florida that have already been appraised.

Start The Court Petition

If you choose to make an offer to purchase a house during probate you have to seek permission from the courts ultimately. This is done in our opinion to protect the heirs from making emotional decisions without having all the facts at their disposal. Each state is different so check with your local courts to find out what the procedures are that must be followed

Remember to include the appraisal along with the forms when petitioning the court to allow a sale. It is not an immediate procedure you should expect to wait for some time how much depends on each individual court system

Some investors prefer only to make offers on homes that have already gone through the probate process. At Palmtree Cash Homebuyers that is our preferred way of acquiring property in Broward and Palm Beach counties in South East Florida

Now You Can Start To Market Your Property For Sale

When placing your property for sale be sure to inform all would be buyers that the property is to be sold contingent on the ruling of the court. Many investors like us prefer to buy after the court proceedings have concluded. If you have a house that has already gone through the probate process, give us a call we may want to buy that house from you.

If you would like to sell your home fast fill in the form and tell us all about the property. If your house qualifies, we can offer you quick cash for the house. Fill it out now.

You Will Need Court Confirmations

When you are buying a house in Probate, you have to wait for the courts to approve the sale of the house in Margate Fl. It is not unusual for the hearing to take place in between 20-40 days or so. There is a 10% deposit required by the buyer before the court date so make sure you have received that prior to the hearing.

Advertise in Local Newspapers

Advertise the sale in local newspapers of record. It must be done so that members of the public hear about the sale and are given an opportunity to bid openly on the property. The idea is to facilitate the highest price sale of the property. If you intend to bid on a property in Margate Fl during the probater period, you can do so at the court hearing.

Make Sure to go to the Hearing

Attendees at the hearing often include buyers and real estate investors who are there to bid on the property. When all the bids have been accounted for the winning bidder is required to submit a cashier’s check to the court. If there is a different buyer who bid higher than your previous buyer, then refund the downpayment to them and collect the new 10% downpayment and hand that into the court after the contract has been confirmed.
Make sure you follow all the proper procedures that are required by the courts.

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