Five Steps to Help You Prepare Your House for the MLS in South Florida

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While this is a great time to list your house, there are some things that you can do to make it stand out. Let’s look at five steps to help you prepare your house for the MLS in South Florida so that your listing can get off to a good start.

Clear out and de-clutter

Selling a house requires deep cleaning.

Grab your cabinets and clean the basement floor. Your home will look cleaner and better organized as a result.
This will make your home appear more hygienic and more organized. If you live in the house, you will need to clear out all clutter and storage spaces.

Potential buyers need to feel at ease in your home and have plenty of storage. To make your home stand out, it is important to organize everything.

Keep an open mind for the outdoors

The property’s condition, not the house itself, will determine whether or not someone wants to buy your house.

A real estate agent will tell you that curb appeal is crucial to any sale. Your exterior and landscaping must be beautiful.
Prepare your house by applying fresh mulch to the exterior and mowing the grass. Power wash the exterior siding, gutters, and walkways.

It is amazing what a power washer can do for your home’s exterior.


The average home seller might overlook the importance of removing family photos or heirlooms.

These items are not only a security risk but can also distract people visiting your home. When people view your listing on the MLS or private viewings, they should be able to focus on the strengths of your home.

Attention to the finer details

It is essential to take care of your property and also add any additional features that may be necessary.

If you note the dimensions of your rooms and any information about the infrastructure, your listing will be complete.
Include stunning photos and a detailed listing. It will enable interested parties to view the house and give them a better understanding of its layout.
Potential buyers have the legal right to see your property disclosures. This shows potential buyers that you are serious about selling your house.

Ask for a second opinion

Now your home is ready to be put on the MLS. Consult your agent for any further recommendations. There may be other things you should do before your home is on the MLS.

Another option is to have an independent third party walk through your home. They are experts in the market and have many years of experience.
Once they have seen every possible feature of your house, they can give you an honest appraisal of what an average buyer would think.

Both cases could benefit from this feedback.

Guide for Preparing Your House for Listing in South Florida

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